Can I Get a Zine, Please?

I’ve always been a fan of cut-and-paste DIY projects. There’s something therapeutic about the process of scrapbooking, and I love the aesthetic. This month, in keeping with my love for all things indie, I will dive into the world of Zines!


What is a Zine?

A zine is an independently published magazine or fanzine that uses a scrapbook-like process to produce a mini publication. The beauty of a zine is the simple distribution. Just slap it on a photo copier and whammo! You have your distribution house. Zines can be about literally anything — be it illustrations, comics, poetry, prose, or a rant about how you loathe kale.

It’s a thriving, underground community that allows people to present their unique perspective on a variety of issues at little to no cost. All you need is paper, a few pens, access to a photocopier, and something to say.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Etsy has a great collection of zines for sale. If you’re in Atlanta you should check out the Atlanta Zine Library. There’s a ton of guides and resources online, but here are some books that helped me get started:


Why Don’t You Join Me?
Each week, I’ll post an update on my zine progress. Last week, I decided the topic and the theme for my zine, and even managed to complete the cover (paperclip included for scale). This week, I’ll start working on the interior pages with the hope of completing the 6-page zine by March 31.

It’s not too late to join me on this journey! If you’re in, let me know in the comments. If you’re already a creator of zines, link me to your work! I’d love to check it out.